Shadow Over the Twelve Lands (Retro RPG)

Shadow Over the Twelve Lands is a retro CRPG game where you control a party of adventurers through an epic quest that starts out with a small mistake where you essentially doom the entire world to a decade of disasters but worry not, because you are going to fix things now and defeat the great evil you unleashed upon the world.

The game is a cartridge that runs on the TIC-80 fantasy console with all the delightful restrictions that come with it: 240x136 screen resolution, 16 colors, basic sound/music, all in a whopping 64K of Lua code + 64K of VM data. 

Don't worry: your progress is saved to the cartridge's battery-backed memory so you can save the world in more than one sitting.

It's turn-based, so you have as long as you want to think things through and even in the heat of battle our monsters are well trained to wait, seemingly forever, until you have taken your turn.

You start at the shores of Riverside with barely no equipment, a laughable budget and a desire for fame, fortune and making the world a better place. Let's see how this works out for you.


ShadowOverTheTwelveLands-r2-Windows.exe 3 MB
Jun 27, 2019
ShadowOverTheTwelveLands-r2-MAC 5 MB
Jun 27, 2019

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