8 Bit Panda is a classic-style platformer for the TIC-80. You can move, run, jump and get powerups (and occasionally fly planes!). It has 17 levels distributed across 6 major areas (isles). Each area has different enemies and difficulty. The game is saved every time you complete a full area (after level 3 of each isle).

This project is open source and available at:

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Tags8-Bit, atari, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pixel Art, Retro

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Steps to export this as a stand-alone binary:

  1. Clone the source repo from github.
  2. Copy the source/panda.tic file to your tic-80 dir (~/.local/share/com.nesbox.tic/TIC-80/ on Linux).
  3. From a running TIC-80 session: "load panda.tic"
  4. Hit Esc to get to the code editor.
  5. Comment out the first line by prefixing it with '--'.
  6. From your file manager, open the source/panda.lua file and copy the code then paste all the code into the TIC-80 code editor screen.
  7. Hit Esc to get back to the TIC-80 CLI.
  8. Type: 'export <platform> panda' where <platform> is 'linux', 'mac', etc.

You should now be able to just execute that exported file directly.


Hey nice 8 bit retro arcade game.

FYI, I played this on my weekly random-free-Itch-game show: https://youtu.be/uRIfEIE2uys