Fire arrows to defend your kingdom from enemies! Upgrade your character's attributes and gain magic spells to help you defeat wave after wave. The campaign consists of 21 hand-crafted levels in increasing difficulty.

WARNING: Your progress *WILL NOT* be saved if you're playing it on the web browser. If you want to save your progress, download the cartridge (archer.nx file) and play it on the LowRes NX app.


  • UP/DOWN: move up/down (if up/down is moving the page rather than controlling the game, you need to click on the game screen to focus it)
  • Z: fire arrow / confirm
  • X: cast spell (once unlocked)

Background story: After a "rigorous" selection process, you were selected to defend the kingdom from enemies using your trusty bow. You are well known for your skills and also for your low fees, which suits the King well, as the only thing that's more important than keeping the kingdom safe is keeping the expenditures to a minimum. You will earn meager amounts of gold from defeating enemies, with which you can upgrade your equipment.


archer.nx 60 kB

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